Wen Lunchbox? Now!

Finally lunchboxes!

We've all been waiting for CryptoPunk related projects to step up their game and offer real utility to Punk holders. Say no more, that day has finally arrived.

Move over Tiffany, it's lunchbox time!

Free mint. NO! royalties. 250 NFTs. Punks only.

Start your lunchbox empire right now. Minting this NFT does not only make you the proud owner of a custom Punk lunchbox NFT. It grants you the IP & Commercial rights of the specific Punk Lunchbox as well. Starting your own lunchbox brand or license your lunchbox away. The choice is yours. Et(h)ernal glory and a couple of thousand lunch boxes are waiting for you.
Minting is free, you only pay for gas
Straight from the chain to the box.

The whole journey is a fully on-chain, pixel art experience honoring the Punk movement and community. Physical lunch boxes will be forged and claimable with the NFT.
From the chain to your chain.

We're not announcing a roadmap but future punkisode drops might give you the ultimate flex. Every emperor needs his jewellery, so a limited, 250 collection of Lunchbox pendants may or may not be our next NFT drop.
From one punk to another punk.

Once minted, lunchboxes are designated to a specific punk and ready to flex. Want to claim your own punk lunchbox but our boxes are minted out? You can link any secundary bought box to a new punk using etherscan for a fee of 3.690 eth.


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3690.eth, has a mean punk and ENS addiction - active alpha seeker, no need to say more?


our resident pixel artist; some say he draws pixels for food, we know he does it for fun...


a daring web3 studio
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